Staufen AG was the selected partner for developing a long-term, implementation-oriented qualification concept for DB Fernverkehr AG.

Together, the “Lean ABC – Application, Training, Coaching” program was initiated.

The goal: Ensuring the quality of lean transformation and making it successful in the long term.

This was accomplished by creating a common understanding of Lean/OPEX as well as a standard valid for DB Fernverkehr.

Based on a triad of qualification, implementation of what was learned and needs-oriented coaching, managers and improvement experts were trained and prepared to ensure effective implementation of OPEX in day-to-day business.

Ultimately experienced lean experts from DB Fernverkehr were enabled as part of the project to then later train and pass on Lean ABC on their own.


To increase the practical relevance, the training courses were held on site at various maintenance plants. As a result, it was possible to work on real processes in practical and group exercises and directly solve “real” problems.

Directly putting theory into practice significantly increases teaching performance as well as the learning quality and result. Staufen relies, among other things, on simulations to “experience and grasp specific content and facts in a playful manner.”


For this, the project team developed custom training materials and a completely new simulation that depicts the customer-specific maintenance process in the production cycle.

The full-scale model with a removable roof, complete interior and selected vehicle components was used to demonstrate the processes involved in maintenance and simulate important maintenance steps.

“With its expertise and experience in the customized design and implementation of training programs for lean experts and managers, the Staufen Academy has completely convinced us.”

Matthias Gramer, COO, DB Group

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No transformation without qualification

DB Fernverkehr wanted to ensure the quality of its own lean transformation and make it successful in the long term. This is achieved through broad qualification of lean experts and trainers as well as target-oriented training of managers. To this end, DB Fernverkehr launched a project called “lean abc – application, training, coaching” – together with Staufen AG.

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Lean ABC – Interview with Matthias Gramer

Our goal was to find a customized solution for DB Fernverkehr in terms of size and corporate culture as well as for the specific challenges. The training concept was to be adapted specifically to us and our needs, but also integrate external expertise and market standards; at the same time, it was important to maintain a strong practical focus. Staufen AG responded to this in an excellent manner. With its expertise and experience in custom design and implementation of training programs for lean experts and managers, Staufen has completely convinced us.

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