Comprehensive training program for future lean leaders

Because process excellence needs leadership excellence

The success of the Lean transformation at your company stands and falls with the mindset and abilities of your management. Develop your own Lean Leaders who will pave the way to peak performance in your field of responsibility – with the help of our training to be a Certified Lean Leader. The Lean Leader guarantees that Lean method competence will be sustainably anchored at your company.

The Lean Leader sets the course and creates the structure needed for optimal collaborative work while also encouraging and demanding continuous improvement. By helping employees become qualified, Lean Leaders assist them as they learn and develop.

We offer your future Lean Leaders a comprehensive training program with core and optionally available modules.

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Training program structure


“The most important lesson is that lean transformations are only sustained byactive leadership from the top, where they are part of the core strategy of the organization. Lean leaders lead from the ground up, unblocking obstacles, setting the improvement direction and developing continuous improvement everywhere. Leaders learn by helping others to learn.”

Prof. Daniel T. Jones
Lean Leadership Expert, Author of “The Machine that change the World” and member of the advisory board of “Lean Leader Training”

Optionally available modules

In-depth seminar program

The program can be further individualized and expanded to include specific seminar modules from our seminars.

Take a look at our additional seminar program

Best Practice tours and visits

You can also benefit from our BestPractice visits and tours. Together with our BestPractice partners, we organize topic-specific tours and give you a behind-the-scenes look at companies that can demonstrate BestPractices in the respective topic area. In this way, we enable a direct exchange with our partners’ experts at eye level.

Individual Coaching

Achieving sustainable behavior change based in seminars is difficult. Self-reflection with an experienced coach in addition to your formal training is very useful in order to ensure effectiveness. We therefore recommend supplementing your training with an individual Coaching. Here, you will be able to discuss your challenges in a protected environment.

Voice of customers


Through the Lean Leadership training I gained completely new insights and skills in the context of “effective leadership”. Until now, I have underestimated what the Lean Management philosophy has to offer, especially for the development of leadership performance and cultural change. And finally, we managers play a decisive role when it comes to successfully shaping change. I’ve also learned a lot about myself and my drivers, and how I can use this knowledge to empower my team even more and make it more accountable.


Never before has a training course touched and moved me in such a way. One insight in particular has become firmly entrenched in me: Process excellence can only be achieved through leadership excellence, which in turn leads to top performance. And this is exactly where the Lean Leader Training starts. A really great format that enables you to develop fields of action into identify and plough.

Lean Leader Training

Discover our leadership training 2023. Download the digital brochure now (German version).

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