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We Offer a wide Variety of Options

When you come on board as a consultant at Staufen, we offer a wide variety of options, depending on your professional experience, industry competence, specialist expertise and your professional goals. Ideally, you are already an expert in one of our key industries: mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive, aviation/aerospace, and construction industries, and the financial and service sectors. Since we consult with our clients on a cross-functional basis, we assign our consultants to clients who will best align with their strengths and competences.

If you already have professional experience in consulting, ideally you have acquired expertise. This includes experience in implementing change projects, project management, and acquiring and initiating consulting projects, including management experience if possible. You need experience in consulting and training/coaching as well as a confident manner of presenting and communicating in English, German and other languages. Practical experience in Lean Management or restructuring is also desirable. With our international focus, it is also important to have a well-founded background in dealing with different cultures. As a consultant at Staufen, you will spend a lot of time on the road. All the other specific requirements can be seen in our current job listings. Answers to common questions can be found in our FAQ.

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Janina Saur

Janina Saur

Specialist Talent Acquisition

Phone: '+49 7024 8056 181



Have a university degree in a technical or business field. Have initial professional experience, e.g. internships or participation in university-level corporate consulting. Analyze data and generate basic information. Independently process predefined work packages.

Professional experience: 2-4 years. Manage and are accountable for their own subprojects. Support project managers in handling projects.

Professional experience: 5 years or more. Have experience with projects or as a consultant and/or project manager. Manage and are accountable for their own projects. Manage their own project team. Develop consulting products, methods and tools.

Professional experience: at least 10 years. Are experienced in managing large-scale projects with over 10 in-house employees. Have operating experience on a technical or management level. Have demonstrated high-level problem-solving competence and confident presentation skills, even in an international forum as well. Know from experience how to establish a sense of partnership in their client relations. Actively apply their expertise and take responsibility for smaller projects. Serve as a subject-matter expert in many projects. Develop consulting products, methods and tools.

Professional experience: at least 10 years. Develop client portfolios and offer clients strategic consultation. Manage and are accountable for major strategic projects. Develop and qualify employees in projects. Have authority over employees within a project. Manage their own project team by means of providing information, motivation, delegation, development and monitoring.

Professional experience: at least 10 years. Develop client portfolios and offer clients strategic consultation. Manage and are accountable for major strategic projects. Actively move the development of the consulting team and/or the service line forward, and serve as mentor for its team members/employees. Allocate capacities within the respective team. Are accountable for developing consulting products. Have authority over employees within a project. Manage their own project team (including disciplinary matters) by means of information, motivation, delegation, development and monitoring.

Freda von Stackelberg


In national and international Lean projects, the significance of employee-related management always becomes clear. When we live up to these values in our own company, this is a compelling argument as to why Lean works: every employee is regarded as an individual and given responsibility. This mutually respectful approach among colleagues is something we also demonstrate towards our clients.

We are Looking for Experts. In Every Field

A consulting company does not only need good consultants. When it comes to corporate services, Staufen offers you a dynamic workplace and tasks where you can assume responsibility and have a great deal of flexibility. At Staufen, you have the option of actively contributing to major issues and moving them forward. Here you will find an overview of our teams. With us, you have the opportunity to actively shape and advance topics!

Specific job listings with a full profile can be found under our current job offers. Our FAQ provides answers to common questions. You want to know how things proceed after start working at Staufen? Find out more about your development at Staufen here.

Specialist Human Resources

As a genuine “fossil” at Staufen, I have had a front-row seat as this small corporate consultant in a little mountain town in southwestern Germany grew into an international consulting agency with branch offices around the world – an unbelievable story! One thing remained the same throughout the entire process: the company stayed true to itself.


Business support helps our consultants so they can focus on their work. The department handles tasks such as travel planning, organizing and preparing documentation and simulations.  They also provide support in creating and translating professional presentations.

An important component of our consulting approach “Process excellence needs leadership excellence.” The Academy back office organizes and markets the wide-ranging seminar program, hosts conferences, presentations, and other events, and coordinates matters with our BestPractice partner network.

Our communication experts are responsible for the international brand presentation of Staufen AG including public relations. They handle the dialogue between clients and interested parties by means of social-media channels and our website.

The internal sales department and industry management provides support in creating professional custom-tailored content. They are also in charge of the bid process.

The finance and controlling team is accountable for financial issues at the company and responsible for smooth processes in invoicing, controlling and travel expenses.

Our HR specialists recruit and integrate the right employees, manage their professional development and handle all HR-relevant issues.

The IT team at Staufen structures the computer system operations around the globe and actively manages the ongoing updates and modernization of the IT infrastructure.

The First step on the Career Ladder

For interns, university students and trainees

Have you graduated from high school or are you working on your university degree? Take your first big step towards a successful professional future by doing an internship, traineeship or bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Staufen.

Internship at Staufen

Internships at Staufen are generally offered both in consulting as well as one of our back-office fields such as marketing, the Academy, HR or sales. In addition to internships  that are mandatory in certain degree programs, we also offer voluntary internships scheduled individually (including ones of more than three months). Current internship offers can be found under our job listings. If there is not a suitable listing, we would welcome your proactive application. Please indicate the time frame you are available.

Working student at Staufen

As part of a working student job, you can support our consulting teams or the indirect areas for up to 20 hours per week during the semester. This allows you to apply theoretical knowledge directly in a practice-oriented manner, gain valuable professional experience and get to know Staufen as an employer. If there is a good fit and mutual interest, you will have the opportunity to develop further with Staufen in the long term. For example, through a subsequent internship abroad, a master’s thesis or direct entry.

Bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Staufen

You can write your thesis at our company, both in consulting as well as in one of our back-office fields such as marketing, the Academy, HR or sales.  One of our experienced consultants will be available to you as an advisor and sparring partner. What’s more, you can further develop your expertise in our competence development center, and in some cases you can directly experience a consultant’s everyday work in a project. Current offers for thesis topics can be found under our job listings. You are also welcome to send us an application proactively; please indicate the desired time frame and suggested topics.

Vocational training at Staufen

We offer both classic sales-related vocational training as well as dual-degree programs. You can find more general information about these programs at, current openings can be found under our job listings.

jan philipp STommel
project manager, STAUFEN AG

When I started as a trainee back then, my goal was to be able to shape the path to a successful future in exciting projects together with our customers. Today, I can do just that at Staufen and am responsible for and shape a wide range of projects with a focus on strategy and sales. Personal development was very important to me. Staufen supported me in this, for example by enabling me to spend six months in Shanghai and to gain further intercultural project experience all over the world.

More About Careers at Staufen


Here you can find the current listings for the fields of consulting and corporate functions. Furthermore, read here to learn about current positions for interns, trainees and students.

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Application process

When we received your application portfolio, we will send you an email to confirm receipt. Your papers will then be reviewed as soon as possible by our HR business partners and the appropriate department. If your application is not a good fit for us, you will receive a message as quickly as possible so that you can focus on other applications.

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Development at Staufen

At Staufen, professional development begins the moment you sign your contract. Your first day of work is our “welcome day.” This is when you learn about every aspect of the company. And as a consultant, you will naturally receive all of your work tools, including your laptop, smartphone, company car, business cards, etc.

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