Effectively countering increasing cost and performance pressure


Companies are operating in an increasingly complex, uncertain and challenging environment. The demands on operational and indirect processes in terms of adaptability and performance are constantly increasing. It is essential to increase performance with stable and at the same time flexible processes and thus to secure competitiveness in the long term.

Our contribution to your success: excellent processes throughout the company, meeting the highest quality standards, at low cost with top delivery performance. With a noticeable effect on your P&L.

Typical themes

  • Optimization of end-to-end value streams according to lean management principles
  • Functional excellence in sales, research & development, procurement, production and service
  • Increase of competitiveness and yield by reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Reduction of overhead & overhead costs in direct and indirect areas
  • “Grow without growing”: securing planned growth with existing resources
  • Global operational excellence through implementation of a value creation system
  • Factory planning according to lean principles
  • Increasing market share through fast, agile and efficient time-to-market strategies
  • Sustainable increase in performance and safeguarding of liquidity through strategic efficiency programs
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Teaser Operations Management

Consistently focus on value creation

Goal is a perfectly coordinated production system

There is hardly any other corporate function in which employees can be taught the role of added value and waste as practically and quickly as in production. Optimization is used as the basis for helping Lean philosophy permeate the entire production process, and from there it affects the whole company.

No matter whether it is an individual assembly bay, an area of the factory or network of sites – the ideal value stream and minimal lead time are the focus of optimization. Lean Production combines a variety of principles. The desired effect is primarily the result of a harmonious interplay of these approaches. The goal is implementing a perfectly coordinated production system.

By concentrating on what matters most – value-chain processes – you bring losses and waste down to a minimum. You can reduce your inventory and the related storage costs, and you will produce higher quality with greater productivity. You introduce flatter hierarchies while giving your employees more responsibility and competence. This increases employee satisfaction and initiates a culture in which you live sustainable improvement.

Your benefit

Improved competitiveness through
  • High productivity
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Low inventory and capital commitment
Improved delivery performance
  • High delivery reliability
  • With short lead and delivery times
  • With stable high quality
High customer orientation through
  • Speed and reliability in order fulfillment
  • Flexible response to changing customer requirements
  • Process excellence across all corporate functions
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For the “Companies in Change” study, we surveyed a total of 363 companies in Germany in the Fall of 2021, a good third of whom are from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, the electrical industry and the automotive sector.


This is the result of the renowned industry study “Best Management Consultants 2023” by brand eins and Statista. This confirms the company’s sustained excellence, as Staufen has already been one of the absolute pioneers in operations management for the past five years.

This strong performance is the result of a holistic consulting approach: Based on operational excellence, the backbone of successful companies, our consultants address the mostly technology-driven megatrends, helping our clients to position themselves for the future on the top issues.

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