Swiss Made goes USA 

Supply Chain Network Management

BRUSA HyPower wants to do big business in the USA with power converters for electric trucks. To accomplish this, the Swiss e-mobility specialist first plans to set up a new supply-chain network abroad. 

In this time of climate change, there will be no way around freight transport by road in the foreseeable future. For that reason, the future belongs to the electric truck. According to a McKinsey study, more than half of all newly registered trucks in Europe, the USA, and China will be electrically driven by 2035. This presents challenges not only for truck manufacturers, but also their suppliers.  

Founded in 2021 as a carve-out, BRUSA HyPower AG, whose original company BRUSA Elektronik AG has been shaping e-mobility for decades, sees great opportunities in the growing market. “As specialists, we are in a pole position for the growing market in the USA. We want to establish ourselves as global suppliers. For that reason, we must expand our current capacities and also expand beyond Switzerland,” says Dr Marzio Locatelli, Vice President Central Division at BRUSA HyPower.  

“As an engineering firm, we have produced prototypes and extended small serial production with thousands of units annually in Switzerland,” says Locatelli. “In the future, we will need an annual capacity of several hundred thousand in order to serve our customers around the world.” In the past few years, the company has invested in setting up its own facilities in China and has relationships with experienced manufacturers on-site.  

Dr Marzio Locatelli

Vice President Central Division


Trade restrictions make market entry more difficult 

Due to the trade war between the US and China, there are now high tariffs on the import of electronic products. Marzio Locatelli says, “We have decided to expand our capacities in the USA to be able to provide additional benefits for our local customers.” BRUSA HyPower has a flexible reaction to the challenges. The consultants of Staufen.Inova provided support in the development of the concept. “We will now set up production capacities directly in the USA,” says Locatelli. 

“The idea of offering a local product is behind this new concept,” says Staufen.Inova consultant Thomas Spiess. “The complete setup of a new supply chain network offers the company the opportunity to optimally position itself.” This includes setting the supply chain up with regard to transport and energy costs so that the CO2-footprint of the product is as small as possible. Marzio Locatelli says, “As a traditionally sustainability-oriented company, we are always looking at the efficient use of resources.” BRUSA was the first in the branch to analyze a power converter for CO2-footprint and set a benchmark with this. 

First product line in the USA starting in 2025 

The setup is progressing rapidly. The first product line in the USA is planned for the year 2025. Marzio Locatelli says, “We have a challenging program ahead of us. For this reason, the supply chain network will be set up in numerous steps.”  

High-performance, high-efficiency equipment

BRUSA power converters, which were developed for battery-electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, are small, extremely dependable, long-lasting, and particularly efficient, with an efficiency of 99%. These special products are required to convert different voltages. The voltage from an outlet is not the same as the voltage from a battery. Whereas an outlet utilizes alternating voltage, a battery requires direct voltage. On one hand, there are onboard charging devices, which convert alternating current into direct current to charge a battery. DC converters (DC/DC), on the other hand, convert different DC levels, which can also be done bidirectionally. BRUSA has particular expertise in the area of high-voltage and has worked for a number of well-known international automotive and industrial customers since the company was founded. 

BDC6 power converter


Headquartered in Buchs (Swiss canton of St. Gallen), BRUSA HyPower AG was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of BRUSA Elektronik AG, a leading provider of power electronics in the area of e-mobility since 1985. BRUSA HyPower specializes in electrical power converter systems, such as DC/DC-converters and onboard charging systems. The company develops power electronics products for its international customers for On-Highway, Off-Highway, and stationary applications. BRUSA HyPower has around 300 employees, primarily in Switzerland and has locations in Stuttgart and in the Chinese industrial centers of Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Suzhou. 

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